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Suspended Animation - The Creative Team

“My ultimate goal with Suspended Animation was to create a breathtakingly exciting illusion that would make a great addition to any modern day illusionist’s show.” John Taylor

Master Illusionist, Illusion Designer, Magic Consultant & Show Producer John Taylor, continues to work around the world with his award winning and highly successful Grand Illusion Spectacular.

He is recognized as one of the leading Illusionists in the world today and the #1 International Illusionist in his own country Australia. John’s charm, comedy wit and original illusions will amaze and delight even the most discerning audiences regardless of age, language barriers or culture.

Some of today’s most famous Illusionists and up and coming performers alike contact JT not only for his innovative original illusion designs, but for Magic Consultancy as John offers a service called Pimp My Act in which performers receive valuable advice from John to help improve their act.
If your looking for a person that can help take you to the next level talk to John as he is currently representing a handful of elite artists that he believes have great potential and/or are among the best in their chosen field.

Suspended Animation is not the only original illusion that John has created. Ultimate Dimension is another original illusion that John shares with other illusionists around the world. Ultimate Dimension makes for a beautiful unexpected opening effect for the Illusionist to make his entrance to the stage.

This has been and still remains John’s and FISM World Champion Eun Gyeol Lee’s from Korea number 1 opening illusion and was seen on featured by Dacey Oakes on his December 2014 Television special.

“Only a limited amount of Ultimate Dimension Illusions will be sold to illusionist that I know will perform it well in different regions around the world.” John Taylor

More of my original illusions will be released in a book in the future, Information will be provided closer to the books release date.

When John was looking for a new builders for Suspended Animation the choice was simple William Kennedy and Tim Clothier.
John wanted builders that would build the prop exactly to the letter and not cut corners on quality. We have received great feedback complementing us on the workmanship of the illusion and the audience reaction they’ve received.

We have a methodical and detailed “paper trail” on every SA on the market today so that we can keep track of all the illusions and their owners to maintain the quality and integrity of the illusion- this is important for the legal owners that have paid for the illusion and rights to perform it.
Having Tim Clothier and Willie Kennedy on the SA team only strengthens the illusion as Tim and Willie are world renowned for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, strong ethical values and for being great at meeting deadlines.
This is another reason why we don’t sell the Blue Print Plans or the Performance Rights for SA on their own and you must buy the illusion complete from us.

Suspended Animation to be built to the highest quality and 5 star standard,
we know the history of EVERY SINGLE AUTHENTIC Suspended Animation ever built, even the 2nd hand units.

Illusion piracy is a problem within the magic industry. Please make sure you do your homework when buying illusions new or 2nd hand. Make sure to ask about the history of the prop and make sure the seller has the rights to BUILD or SELL the illusion. This is vital as you don’t want to damage your reputation.
If you would like to know if a are buying a 2nd hand Suspended Animation and you want to know if it's authentic or not contact John Taylor.

If any Illusionists are interested in receiving a list of names of reputable, honest and ethical builders you can trust, please email John Taylor and he will not hesitate in providing you with a list of trustworthy builders.

We can not stress this point enough - The only authorized builders of the SUSPENDED ANIMATION Illusion in the world at the moment is Willie Kennedy WK Magic and Tim Clothier - Illusion Projects