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A message from j o h n t a y l o r The SUSPENDED ANIMATION Illusion and CLOTH HANDLING TECHNIQUE is the legal © Copyright of j o h n t a y l o r 1998 All Rights Reserved. Please respect the fact that this illusion was created by a working Illusionist (me) for other working professionals to buy and enjoy- not to steal!!! Please don’t rip off my creation! Thank you to all of the genuine elite Suspended Animation owners that respect and appreciate the time, money, effort and craftsmanship Tim Clothier and Willie Kennedy and myself have put into making this captivating illusion available to the true pro’s in the industry. Thank you for acknowledging our hard work and for not stealing my creation. It is you guys that will take magic to the next level leaving the pirate rip off performers and builders constantly looking over their shoulders... Sadly, over the years some unethical copy cat rip off performers and pirate builders have copied my illusion design and don’t understand the long term harm this causes not only to myself but to the entire magic community. Please respect the work of others and only buy the original, whether it be Kevin James Snow, Steinmeyers Origami or Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation just to name a few, as we have all put a huge amounts of time, money and effort into making these items available for you to perform and enjoy. The cost of how much something is, is all relevant. Please do not buy a pirate copy of something just because you don’t want to pay the freight or because you don’t have the money, save for it! All of these items above including my SUSPENDED ANIMATION Illusion are beautifully built and 2nd to none in terms of effect, quality and reliability. Ignorance is no excuse- everyone knows where to get these popular magic props from now including my SUSPENDED ANIMATION ILLUSION, so please do your research before wasting your money on a fake knock off copy that has no resale value. IF YOU KNOW ANY BUILDER OR PERFORMER THAT OWN’S A PIRATE COPY OF THE SUSPENDED ANIMATION ILLUSION, PLEASE CONTACT JOHN TAYLOR, TIM CLOTHIER or WILLIAM KENNEDY, YOUR INFORMATION WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Thank you for taking the time to read this. j o h n  t a y l o r